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10 Top skills employers look for 2023

How many of us have this question in mind, what is employers top skills looked out for in 2020, knowing these skill set helps us strive to improve ourselves to give the best of us, creating inspirational career stories for others in this competitive environment in Nigeria?

The Nigerian work environment is changing at an extraordinary pace. In today’s competitive landscape, there are survivals skills that young people, professionals need to master relevant employability skills so that a measure of success can be assured.

Below are the Top Skills employers look out for in 2020;

  1. Critical Thinking Skills: These skills involve invested effort in solving problems when you are the person closest to the work at hand. No matter the job role you are applying for, where you work or the profession you’re in, you’ll have to learn to test your assumptions and always keep an open mind.
  2. The Ability to Adapt to Change: An Adaptability skill this is a very important skill, in many ways, is just as important as technical skills is also relevant. Businesses are constantly changing due to market changes in the Nigerian Business environment. To be successful, you have to know how to buy-in and make personal changes when a need arises, especially so that it can benefit your company, similarly, you got to identify what is needed for you to shape up to benefit yourself while adding value within the company.
  3. Communication Skills: – Communication skills is a vital skill needed in the 21st century theses involves the ability to express your view and ideas either verbally or written. Let’s say you have two prospective applicants with the same level of educational qualifications, experience, technical skills. The person with the better communication skills will always appear more competent to a prospective employer in 2019 and would likely be in a better position, more appreciated, more promoted in an organization. Reason: Being that good in communication skills will give him the ability to express his ideas confidently in the best way possible and he would assiduously be able to put himself forward as a very learned person. The one with lacking communication skills even if he has better technical skills might find himself underappreciated and likely not employed in the organization.
  4. Presentation skills: A Presentation skill doesn’t just mean a mere ability to get away with a PowerPoint slide (ppt). Actual presentation skills lie in the ability to present the task completed or relevant ideas or methodology in the best possible manner. Most times, not all assigned tasks competed can be perfect as desired your boss or the organization and in cases where one is not able to meet the targets fully, one cannot just afford to say that the work was not completed. Instead of presenting the same outcome/result of the assigned task in a way that shows the challenges faced, methodology put in place to overcome such challenges and the task completed and making it look like all effort has been put in to achieve the actual results is a skill to be mastered.
  5. Ability to withstand pressure and criticism: This is an important skill to master as not always would you be gifted with an understanding and motivating superior. Some Nigerian bosses always try to get the work done coercively. In many cases, you might find yourself doing your best and putting in more effort than required on the assigned task and still end being criticized by your superiors. Here, first of all, see if you presented the task well. If the vest possible presentation had been made and still you are criticized by the erroneous behaviour of your boss. Try to remain calm. Some bosses are assholes.
  6. Ever-increasing hunger to learn and implement: Constantly learning on the job, with the use of internet there are several free educational platforms to gain knowledge to sharpen your skills on the job. Learn from anyone and every one possible in the organization, be humble and go forward. Even if you fail, fail with grace. Learn from your mistakes and move ahead. ALWAYS FALL FORWARD. It doesn’t matter how many times you fail as long as you keep moving forward.
  7. Network Network Network: Networking is an important skill as it includes reaching out to professionals in the same field across various organizations in the same industry, learning similar practices and seeking possible improvement. Also try as much as possible as it is within your power to maintain a good relationship with your colleagues could also be beneficial. As per various surveys and researches, people who are networked the most are generally the ones who are most successful in a job role.
  8. The Ability to Lead by Influence: in the Nigerian Work environment, there is no shortage of people who manage and lead by authority, rather than by influence. Leadership skills are an important employability skill which should not be ignored, but rather it can be developed and utilized no matter what your job title or a station in life.
  9. An Entrepreneurial Mindset: This involves the need to find creative solutions to tough and challenging problems at the ground level. Think like the business is yours, Even if you’re a salary earner in the organization, your ability to self-direct is highly needed and valued.
  10. Imagination and Curiosity Skills: There used to be a time when the goal of the employee was to do whatever his or her employer wanted. In today’s world, there’s value in hiring employees who can bring imagination and commitment to the job on a daily basis.

They say Education can be a key to success. “Four – six years in the university is not enough to help you stay competitive.” It can often determine where we work, personal income, lifestyle, and how we navigate life.

These days the world has become more interdependent and interconnected, and as such, in order to stay on top of things, one has to stay aware of what is happening around the world. One has to know what is happening, need to have an international perspective on every aspect.

To be sure, whether one is looking at being innovative from an individual point of view or even at the organizational level, innovation is the key to staying competitive. Learning is the continuous effort one should adapt to survive in this competitive world.

Are there any skills you think is important mot listed kindly state in the comment section as I would love to learn from you too?


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