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20 elevator pitch examples

What do you say to a prospective employer you are just meeting?

You have to ensure that your first couple of sentences to them, makes them want to employ you or at least want to listen to you gladly.

You have to give them a reason to want to do these things. And it’s all going to be based off of what you say to them upon the first meeting, except you have an underground person who will talk to them later on.

But even then, you have to make them want to hire you, or refer you to someone who will.

Elevator pitch.

An elevator pitch is a brief introduction you give about yourself, or a project or idea of yours to a person or group of persons, with the hope that they they offer you a job or contract. 

Your elevator pitch must not only give out your business ideas, it must also tell the prospective employer what kind of person you are, your values, and your strengths.

Your pitch must be brief enough to last just one elevator ride, you do not want to bore whoever you are speaking to or make them late for an appointment.

Three important things to note or answer in an elevator pitch are;

  • Introduce yourself.
  • What do you do?
  • Who are you?

The first and the last question seem to be the same. The first question is more of your personal information like your name and other stuff. The last question, who are you should carry your values and your strength, the things that make you different from the next job seeker, that thing that will make you stand out. 

These are the kind of things you want to put out there.

Secondly, what information do you intend to put out and how do you intend to convey this information? All these and everything else you need to know about an elevator pitch will be given to you in this article.

As an active job seeker, the possibility that you have to keep writing elevator pitches is high. It is also fine if you keep having troubles writing a pitch.

Important questions that your pitch needs to answer are;

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • Why shouldI listen to you?
  • What do you want?

If after reading this you still need some help, here are twenty-one pitches to get you started, all free.



1.If you are interested in a new career, this is a pitch for you.

I am a sales person specialized in Sales and promotion. I am currently employed at Zions firm and my team and I have devised a sales promotion strategy that will reduce promotion costs by 45% in companies. This strategy is slated for launch later this year.

I love learning new skills and meeting like minds like mine. I plan on moving on to something new as I change my job.

2.For Communications and Customer Service.

I recently graduated from university with a degree in English Language and communications. I worked at the university radio and television station as chief editor and part time reporter, which pricked my interest in Journalism.

I am currently searching for an internship opportunity that will put my journalism skills into play.

3.For a Medical or Health related pitch.

Good day. My name is Charity, and I am a Nurse. I have always been very passionate about the human health and body system so I decide to study Nursing at the university. Upon the completion of my internship as a Nurse, I wish to begin my life long career as a full-time nurse.

I believe that with this, my experiences will be broadened.


My name is Paul and I create designs and illustrations for websites and brands. I am passionate about expressing ideas in creative ways. I am currently interning as an illustrator and graphic designer for a publishing firm, but I want to take a step and start my career by starting up my own creative agency. 

Starting up a business has its own challenges as I have been told. As the sole manager of your company for years, I would love to get some ideas and tips to managing a company of my own.

5.ICT Elevator Pitch.

I am Tayo, a graduate of the University of Nsukka with a degree in computer engineering. I have interned in companies post graduation, as an IT Support Executive. In my free time, I focus on AI and how I can use it to solve real-life human challenges. 

I am working on a project that will eventually solve communication problems for small businesses. I have a strong passionate for AI, and I would love to get a job with a company that focuses on AI, to make me advance further in my career.

6. Digital Marketing Pitch

My name is Anna. It is believe that the ultimate goal of any business is to make sales whether goods or services, this was my idea of sales before I got to understand the power of strategy. 

I have realized that being more strategic can help in meeting ones target faster and discovering SEO has opened me up to different strategies online that I can apply to achieve more sales.

7.Sales/Marketing Elevator Pitch.

After winning my departments best salesperson of the year award at my university, I came to love Sales and pursued a career in it. I have interned as a sales executive for a couple of months and I am currently taking a course in sales to improve my knowledge in sales. 

I am looking for job opportunities in sales in a larger work space.

8.Accounting Elevator Pitch.

I have always loved calculation and finance even though I had not had any experience in accounting prior to my internship at Zion groups. I enjoyed my stay at Zion groups, but I am searching for an opportunity to practice accounting as a staff member rather than an intern.

9.Human Resources Pitch.

Hi, I am Paua, a fresh graduate of Human and Personnel Development. The only human resources work experience I have had was from my undergraduate studies at the university of Lagos which really helped me build my passion for human resources. 

I look forward to gaining practical experience in human resources. I am in search of an internship offer that will help me gain practical human resource experience.

10.Education Elevator Pitch.

Hi, my name is Grace and I have been very passionate about and involved in literacy and educational activities right from my neighborhood and my church. Studying education at the university has helped me appreciate education better. 

I believe in nurturing and educating children to become better and knowledgeable children, and helping children become educated is more than a career for me, it is a rewarding process.

I am currently looking for a position that will help me educate children. And I would love your advice on the best positions to look out for.

11. Research Elevator Pitch.

Hi, my name is Jane and I have been a freelance writer and researcher for a couple of years. I have written reports, web content and reports for different companies and individuals too. 

I have together with writing, built my research skills and I am now looking for a permanent research role that will help me put my communication skills to practice.


At job interviews, the questions to be answered are What do you do and tell me about yourself. These questions are commonly asked by employers and job seekers always have to be ready to answer these questions.

12.For an Accounting Job.

I am John, a financial accountant. I recently completed my master’s degree in financial accounting. I have gained a little experience during my studies as an undergraduate, but I am now looking to gain more experience in my career. And so I am looking to get a job in an organization that will help me develop and grow my career like this company.

 13.Applying for a Customer Service Job.

Hello, I am Sam. I am currently a customer service executive at Zion groups, attending to a minimum of 20 clients daily. I have always been passionate about problem-solving and that inspired me to study communications.

I have worked as a customer service executive and enjoyed my experiences. I wish to further challenge myself and gain more knowledge.

14.A Sales Job.

I am Andrew, a sales executive, specialized in the manufacturing industry. I am employed at Zion’s group, a children’s toys manufacturer. I am passionate about creating awareness for searching customers.

My love and interest for marketing and sales has given me recognition. I have awards for ‘best project of the year’ and ‘best sales executive of the year’ from my yearly University marketing/sales project competition and place of work, respectively.

I am ready to expose myself to bigger challenges in bigger organizations which is why I look forward to working in this company.

15.Applying for an ICT Job.

My name is Seun, a web developer, specialized in responsive web development. Bringing imaginations to reality and solving problems were two things that inspired me to build a career in web development. 

Learning and understanding UI was an opportunity for me to add value to anyone that will eventually use or visit the website that I build.

I have experience as a web developer for small companies, and a software developer in my previous employment due to the expansion of the company and client requests. I wish to work part time, in order for me to have time for personal projects.

Considering my experience and expertise, I am searching for a consultancy position and that is why I have applied for this role.

16. For Fresh Graduates with no Work Experience.

Hello, I am Stephen, a first-class accounting graduate from the University of Nsukka. I worked as an accountant in my schools academic association, keeping records.

I worked as a volunteer accountant during my breaks in the university. My passion for accounting made me help several persons keep accounts at no cost. 

I know I will be a great addition to your team if hired, because of my passion and love for accounting.


A badly gone elevator pitch can wipe out your business, even before you have gotten the change to air out your ideas. A well delivered pitch on the other hand, also has the power to make your business great.

These are pitch examples that will help you help your business.

17. ‘We Work’ Elevator Pitch.

There are 20Mindependent workers in Nigeria: consultants, freelancers, and small business owners. Solving office space is tough and expensive, especially in cities like Lagos. We created the concept of space as a service. We have 20 locations in the city- where people can rent a desk or an office without any of the complications of a traditional lease, effectively saving at least 30% of their original budget. They get access to a shared front desk, mailroom, and a community of like-minded people.

18.‘Conga’ Pitch.

We are a suite of intelligent automation solutions for Salesforce, for everything from data, documents to reporting.

19.‘Xactly’ Elevator Pitch.

We automate and streamline the commission process for sales organizations. For a lot of companies, that means getting you off an Excel spreadsheet or a home-grown cumbersome system. The Xactly advantage is that we’ve been in the cloud since 2005. We have been able to anonymize all of our customer’s data to allow you to leverage different data points when making your decision.

20.‘The Pendergraft Firm’.

I am Susanne Waters, Esq., and I am a full-service real estate and title attorney. I help with Zion: agreements, business entity formation, closings and title, deeds, evictions, and foreclosure. For all of your real estate legal needs, it’ssimple; work with me. 

21.‘BMcTALKS Academy’.

My name is Lola Tola, and I am a professional speaker at BMcTALKS. I help professional women who want to speak with power and executive presence but who do not want to waste time reading books and watching videos that cannot give them real and honest feedback on their presentation skills.

All these are only templates with which you can write your own pitch. 

It is important to note that an elevator pitch does not guarantee you a job. A good elevator pitch only takes you a step closer to an employment or interview.


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