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40 inspirational career stories

For us at La-Job, one of the things we truly enjoyed is the research of the most was meeting awesome career people, purpose-driven people (like yourself!) and getting to tell their honest—and sometimes complicated—career stories in the Nigerian Labour Market.

But that’s what careers are all about. They’re not perfect, and they’re certainly not linear, but they are full of heart and would inspire you to believe that anything is possible.

You thinking about a career change, I believe these stories would inspire you and ensure you’re on the right path.

Sometimes we find ourselves at the crossroad of our career. It used to seem as if you knew where you were going but suddenly, you are left to ask the life-changing questions; is this really what I want? Should I stick with this or try something different? Should I follow my passion or stick with what I have at hand?

With this, we wanted to kick off the new season with the PDF version of 40 First Jobs Inspiring First Job Stories of Success.

And if you want a chance to be featured as our weekly career story, email us at with the subject line “Career Story” and tell us who you are, what you do, and your career journey.

we would love to hear from you.


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