5 Signs you are about to lose your job

Hello! You Are About to Lose Your Job?

Is it conceivable that you can lose your employment and not see it coming? Obviously, there’s a possibility as made a show by reports and occurrences.

Take for example; did you realize that as a worker, you could lose your employment for gross misconduct, divorcing the company’s trade secret to competitors. Now and again, individuals lose their employments over things like this.

Be that as it may, in many circumstances, which is not confined to misconduct, divorcing the company’s trade secret, Or maybe, an employee can lose their positions since they neglect to submit general strategy or direction by the organization as carried out by their manager.

Once in a while, these signs are minor hunches; a gut feeling that you are about to be kicked out. This article will share 5 signs that you might be about to be fired, as an employee you shouldn’t take for granted when you see these sign. Sometimes the sign shows up as rumours or warning from colleagues who are prior to more information than you do, due to their position within the organization.

This article will share 5 signs that may mean you are about to get a termination letter, these signs are not be underestimated.

5 signs you are about to lose your employment in the next half of the year;

  • Financial Difficulty of the organization

Once the organization you work for begins to have an experience difficulty, having a hard time reconciling its expenditure with its revenue, this is a clear sign that the days ahead might be turbulent especially as regards meeting their monthly salary and financial obligations.

One great reason many organizations take part in huge cutting back is to lessen the labour force and cost in a manner that doesn’t adversely affect profitability.

Many organizations are forced to downsize, especially as regards workforce when they are faced with declining revenue, increasing costs, poor economic conditions, bad profit forecasts, elimination of divisions and for strategic reasons in order to keep the company afloat.

In this manner, when you learn that your company is in major financial trouble, bear in mind that there is a possibility that you could either get laid off or be asked to resign if the organization wants to give you a heads start.


  • Exclusion from important meetings in the organization.

Once you begin to notice exclusion from important meetings in the organization, without any logical explanation or unreasonable explanation, it is a good sign that you should begin applying for other job roles and explore other job options in various organizations

When your managers deliberately stop inviting you to crucial meetings, that is important to the department or unit you work or that you used to be a part of, it is a strong indication that they believe your days at the organization are numbered.

The Human Resources manager or line Managers also believe that since you would be laid off, there is no point sharing strategies, information of the organization with you.


  • Reduced Job role

In an organization, workflow show always brings daily tasks to your table on a daily basis, If you observe a significant reduction in tasks and responsibilities being assigned to you within the organization, this is something you should pay a lot of attention to as there’s a possibility that the days ahead have a strong inclination to be gloomy as it could be a clear sign that you are about to get fired.

As the organization is deciding to see ways tasks could be reassigned and see how the organization would cope without you.


  • Hostility towards you

There are usually times when manager-employee relationships are not particularly cordial, with a little Hostility which is completely normal, which is because there might be a sharp disconnect between the temperament of an employee,  a manager or a member of management.

However, if there’s a constant disconnect which later deteriorates into a face-off where voices are raised or the employee is repeatedly sent home from work over petty issues, then there might be a cause for alarm especially when you find yourself spending more time dealing with hostility in the workplace than doing actually doing the daily task, which could be a major source of concern, kindly read the writings on the wall as it could be a major source of concern.

  • Mergers and acquisitions

When a company goes through a merger and acquisitions or gets acquired by a bigger company, it is not uncommon to find workers getting fired or redundant due to both companies coming together having the similar roles and positions for just one individual; the employee is most likely reassigned for the relevance of role. By this, an example is an employee occupying a middle-level role suddenly asked to take up a designation that is lower in the scale of hierarchy.


In most cases Mergers and acquisitions happen like an organizational cyclone; reducing employee stability and job security so if you find yourself in such an organizational, it is a sign that your days as an employee might actually be coming to an end.

One other scenario peculiar is that new managers come with new management style, new ideologies, a different plan and might call new hands to help drive the organization forward leading to current employees losing their jobs.


Are there any other signs you experienced that could lead to job loss leave a comment below, would love to hear from you!


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