Adron Homes & Properties Recruitment 2019

Adron Homes & Properties Recruitment 2019 (2 Positions)

Company Description

Adron Homes & Properties, a company offering management and engineering services related to the property industry. With a multitude of professional options, from property services, facilities management, project management, property development, real estate sales and leasing. we offer the full diversity of roles and responsibilities. The Group has the financial strength, technical know-how and market expertise to mount and carry through the most challenging projects.

Why Work with Us?

We are seeking applicants with ambition and curiosity, who are stimulated by challenges, who believe in teamwork and who share our values. The areas we are particularly strong are our career development programmes, our competitive salaries and benefits, and the challenging working environment we provide. This is a company that encourages and celebrates success. We believe in continually broadening our employees’ knowledge and skills through hands-on experience and by promoting many forms of training, developing in a dynamic, professional yet friendly environment to give our customers, and employees the best.

we are seeking suitable & qualified candidates to fill the following positions;

Job Title: Marketer

Job ID: MA6556

Location: Abuja

Job Type: Full Time

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Job Title: Business Development Officer

Job ID: BDO087

Location: Abuja

Job Type: Full Time

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