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All Cover Letter Templates for Job in Nigeria PDF/Doc.

Applying for jobs in Nigeria requires an excellent CV and a cover letter. This article aims to create and provide the best cover letter templates in Nigeria for job applicants seeking to apply for jobs.

Below is an AI cover letter generator for jobs in Nigeria.

AI doesn’t complete the job, but you should get a perfect result with a little modification to the cover letter template.

What is a Cover Letter?

This is a document aimed at helping job applicants create an exceptional first impression on the hiring manager when applying for a job by stating the following;

  • Using the right salutation, referring to the hiring manager.
  • Stating clearly your qualifications and skills makes you the right applicant for the job role.
  • Highlight your competencies and the right soft skills or attitude necessary to succeed in the job role.
  • Highlight relevant previous work experience similar to the job role you’re applying for.
  • Define your strengths as this makes you appear competent to fill the job role.

5 Steps to an Incredible Cover Letter

What is an effective cover letter?

Just like a CV template, an effective cover letter template is a document that helps you gain the hiring manager’s attention, clearly stating your qualifications, skills, competencies, soft skills, and most especially your strengths that make you the right applicant for the job.

The cover letter template, both PFG and Doc. guides you on the elements you should include and remove from your cover letter. The cover letter template is suited to certain job roles but can be easily customized for the job role you are applying for.

3 Reasons Why You Should Use a Cover Letter Template

  1. Time Reduction: The already designed cover letter template saves time, so rather than creating a cover letter that will give the hiring manager a good impression of you from scratch, which may take a long time. Using an already-designed cover letter template will help you create a winning cover in minutes.
  2. It helps you create an awesome impression: These already-designed cover letter templates would help you stand out from the crowd of applications the hiring manager/recruiters receive from applicants.
  3. Help organize your thoughts and ideas: cover letter templates help you convincingly organise your thoughts and ideas for the recruiter/hiring manager to invite you for an interview. Using a cover letter template will help you keep your cover letter organized and up-to-date because of the predesign structure by Human resources professionals you have to work with.

You can use the AI-generated template or use these free cover letter templates will help you customize attention-getting cover letters from the hiring manager or employers can’t resist.

Cover Letter Templates for various job

Accounting Jobs Cover letter

Administrative Jobs Cover letter

Agricultural Jobs Cover letter

Customer Service Jobs Cover letter

IT Jobs Cover letter

Aviation Jobs Cover letter

Tips on how to use a cover letter template

These are the following tips/guidelines will help you make better use of these templates.

  1. Fill in all details: Fill in all the details is important as the cover letter template provides you with a format on which you can build your content based on the details of the job application to gain the attention of the hiring manager/recruiter. Even if a structure has already been laid down for you to use, you must also ensure you fill in all necessary details in the right column/place. Those necessary Details include your contact information, name, address, name of the hiring manager, company, etc., of the job you are applying for.
  2. Use only necessary information on the template: to make the best use of the cover letter template, you don’t have to use all the information. This template is to guide you to write a good cover letter.
  3. Customize for the role you’re applying for using the cover letter template. You should customize the cover letter to reflect the position you are applying for. Using a cover letter template, you should make sure it reflects the position you are applying for and is tailored in a way that responds intelligently to the description.
  4. Always include keywords: Adding keywords from the job description of the job you are applying to your cover letter proves that you are the best candidate. Since a cover letter template is already structured for every job role, using keywords will help you personalize your cover letter.
  5. Double-check before you send: using the already structured templates of cover letters, you must always check for typos and errors. There might be a few errors here and there, so you need to review the template to check for possible errors and correct them before submitting your application.
  6. Save files incompatible formats: it’s important to note that the file format which the recruiter requests that the job application is sent, some cover letter templates are created in file formats that cannot be easily viewed. When using a cover letter for the job you are applying for, use acceptable formats like Word or PDF.
  7. Naming the Cover Letter File: When you are saving your cover letter, you have in mind a way in which your cover letter is easily accessible among the tons of cover letters which a recruiter might receive for a job role. Instead of naming the file “My cover letter”, it is better for you to save it with a more specific name like “Kenneth Obunadike HR cover letter.” this kind of name communicates precision to the hiring manager. If the cover letter template was saved with another name, you should not forget to change it to reflect the role you are applying for.

What a Good Cover Letter Should Contain?

A good cover letter should contain all the necessary details to be able to sell yourself to a prospective employer it must contain the following elements:

  1. Personal details: Personal details are important in writing a cover letter because with these details prospective employers can contact you. These details include your name, address, phone number and email address, which should be included in your cover letter.
  2. Introduction/personal statement: The introduction or personal statement is an important aspect of your cover letter that gives the hiring manager the first impression of you. For example, “I am applying for the Entry- Level Accountant (Chartered) role. As a motivated and skilled professional, I believe my experience, professional certification, training, skills and competence would make me an ideal candidate.” Before including the personal statement or introduction, you should always include salutations, such as Dear Ma/Sir, Dear Recruiter, or Hiring Manager Greet.
  3. Competencies/Skills: Your competencies/skills should form the second paragraph of your cover letter. Please note that these competencies or skills should align with those in the job description or required skills. Adding your competencies or skills to your cover letter shows the hiring manager that you can do the job.
  4. Education/professional certification: stating your educational background or professional certification, showing how it relates to giving you the right background to doing excellently well if given the job role. You don’t need to list your educational background or professional certification like you do for your CV.
  5. One page Simple format: keep your cover letter simple, stating the important details that make you a preferred candidate. Usually, a cover letter should be at least a page or at most two for the individual with over seven years of work experience so that anyone can easily read it.

 5 Cover Letter Do’s and Don’ts

Below are the do’s and don’ts in writing a good cover letter, which should demonstrate your ability to summarize your skills, competencies and experience and how it relates to the job you’re applying for.


  1. Name the relevant details about the position you’re applying for, such as the name and job ID or number.
  2. State how well you know about the organization and why you’re the preferred candidate for employment.
  3. Show how your skills or competencies gained in the past have prepared you for each requirement.
  4. Briefly, on your resume it points out why you are the ideal candidate, and you fit the job role, requesting you are scheduled for an interview to convince them more.
  5. Tailor your cover letter for a separate employer, carefully reviewing your cover letter before you send it.


  1. Discuss why you need the job, especially if it’s due to financial reasons or as a resume builder. Still, you can state that you desire to make a relevant impact in the organization, helping them achieve their goals or objectives.
  2. Don’t necessarily list information that the prospective employer or hiring manager can easily find on your resume.
  3. Please send a cover letter without proofreading it carefully.
  4. Do not trust auto-correct or spelling tools on your software. Please read it carefully to be sure there are no typographical errors.
  5. Use casual phrases or shorthand that might be acceptable when text-messaging friends.


Using a cover letter template makes cover letter writing simple, easy, and easy to complete quickly, so get you scheduled for an interview. These 31 interview questions and answers would also assist in getting your desired job.  The services of LJINig. Professionals can readily assist you with a cover letter for any job role.

Is there any prior knowledge you have about a cover letter or question? State in the comment section. I would love to hear from you!


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