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Career Development

Meaning Of Career Development

The term ‘career’ in career development refers to all the activities which a person does in his/her lifetime. These activities include personal, occupational and social life of the person. Thus, career refers to the life pattern of a person.

Development is the modification of behaviour as a result of growth and learning. It normally involves a progressive change. Thus, career development means the overall development in the lifestyle of a person. It involves a person’s experiences that contribute to the formation of his/her identity including life experiences, education, career choice, on the job training, level of professional achievement and degree of satisfaction.

Now, the question arises, how the lifestyle of a person develops. Obviously, vocation plays an important role in the lifestyle of a person and vocational development is the basis of career development. For example, if a person gets promoted to executive cadre from non-executive, he will get more facilities from the organisation, like higher salary, bigger accommodation etc, and his lifestyle will automatically change. Promotion is part of vocational development, but it also brings about a change in a person’s social and personal life also.

The Art Of Career Development

Career development plan example

Mr Kenneth began his career as a clerk in a small company immediately after his graduation in commerce. While working he improved his qualification from A. Com. to B. Com. and ICAN. An offer from a multinational company as a Financial Manager changes his lifestyle to a great extent. Now he is the owner of a flat, car and many other amenities. He enjoys a happy married life with two lovely kids. Moving in high society, providing the best education to his children which he could never dream of earlier, are now at his easy accessibility. This is the reward of career development. Career development is a dynamic, ongoing and gradual process.

The career development plans are as follows;

1. Growth 0 – 14 yrs

  • Development of basic skills

2. Exploratory 15 – 25 yrs

  • Thinking and understanding about
  • Becoming an adult
  • Finding a life partner
  • Finding an occupation
  • Finding a place in the community

3. Establishment 25 – 45 yrs

  • Establishing oneself in the chosen
  • Establishing identity as a person and
    a professional

4. Maintenance 45 – 60 yrs

  • Maintaining and furthering occupational and social status.

5. Decline After 60 yrs

  • May retire from active service but act as consultants and providing experience at a higher level of

The given plans above are not rigid and exclusive. They are flexible and overlap each other

Let us understand each of these stages in detail:

Growth Stage: From conception to about the age of fourteen, it is a preparatory stage during which a child develops basic skills.

Exploratory Stage: It is between 15 to 25 yrs. During this stage, a person tends to think and understand about self, his role in becoming an adult, finding a life partner, occupation and place in the community.

Establishment stage: It ranges between 25 to 45 years. During this, stage one establishes himself or herself and gains some occupational identity. (e.g. He/She is a plumber/ doctor/ bank officer).

Maintenance stage: This stage covers 45 to 58 yrs. During this stage, a person maintains his establishment.

Decline: This is after 58 yrs. of age. In this stage, a person not only declines in physical strength but also his or her role lessens in the vocation, family responsibilities and community.

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