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5 Ways to improve your passion for your ...

  Passion for work can easily be noticed by any employer and is one of the best ways to position yourself to achieve your career goals and objectives faster and make the career journey more fulfilling. Having a passion for work involves intense enthusiasm, paying attention to details and excitement for what you do. It […]

5 Signs you are about to lose your job

Hello! You Are About to Lose Your Job? Is it conceivable that you can lose your employment and not see it coming? Obviously, there’s a possibility as made a show by reports and occurrences. Take for example; did you realize that as a worker, you could lose your employment for gross misconduct, divorcing the company’s […]

7 Core Skills for an Administrative Role

An administrative role can be classified under the management umbrella, much like every other role, yet the distinction between a manager and an administrative officer is basically the fact that the administrative officer focuses primarily on other resources and less on HR (Human Resources). Administrative roles vary; by their names and explicit job descriptions, yet […]