Commonly asked questions to managers

Commonly asked questions to managers

To be one of the best managers, you have to have strong interpersonal skills. In this article, you will learn commonly asked questions to managers.

When applying and being interviewed for a management position, it is important you let your interviewer know you are good with people. You also have to let them know you are a follower of rules and you can delegate appropriately.

When asked questions, give an example of a previous situation you have been in, explain what role you had and the actions you took to resolve the issues. Finally tell them about the positive results of your action and the response you received from your coworkers.


1. Tell me about a time you had to manage a difficult employee.

As a manager, your main role is to supervise. You must be able to communicate with your team and solve problems with ease. All these must be discussed in your answer. Give instances.

2. How do you measure success?

A great part of your task/role as a manager is that you set goals and measure individual and collective success. Your answer to this question gives your interviewer an insight to how you carry out this task.

3. How would you describe your management style?

Talk about your approach to your duty and how you feel your techniques have worked. Give instances.

4. How do you delegate responsibilities?

As a manager it is important that you identify which members of the team are best suited to a role. You have to let your interview know that you understand your team members individual strengths and skills.

5. How do you motivate your team?

As a manager, it is important that you learn how to motivate your team especially when their morale is low because in the long run, motivation increases productivity. Give instances of when you had to motivate your team.

6.How do you handle conflict in the workplace

Workplace conflict is inevitable but as a manager, you have to understand the best way to ease off tension between your team members. With this question you have to assure the interviewer that you will do everything you can to reduce conflict in the workplace to a very minimal level.

Some other questions are;

7.Tell us about your educational background. Do you have any certifications or have you taken any training courses relevant to this position?

8.What are your greatest strengths as a manager?

9.What are your professional weaknesses and how do you plan on improving them?

10.Where do you see yourself in the next five years?


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