Digital Integrated Copywriter Job description sample

Digital Integrated Copywriter Job description sample

This Digital Integrated Copywriter Job description sample can assist in your creating a job application that will attract job candidates who are qualified for the job. Feel free to revise this job description to meet your specific job duties and job requirements.

Job Title: Digital Integrated Copywriter

With content marketing growing in importance, this role is changing. Social media channels have also placed more strain on company copywriters.

This role is more than the traditional Copywriter who was responsibility for writing on-line (websites, Facebook pages, Press-Releases, websites etc) and off-line content (leaflets, adverts etc), proof-reading and branding guidelines. It some cases, it has become more strategic and includes responsibility for the content strategy across social media channels as well (apps, website, Facebook etc).  Copywriters will be asked to consider the customer journey and goal conversion and CTAs in their content. At the same time, it will require knowledge of writing content which improves the website’s visibility for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and the ability to use software to support this.

It’s clear from some of the advertised roles that the Copywriter is to lead on the content strategy in line with using customer insight, writing content for emails and often being asked to test content across different platforms, with emphasis on using different systems and tools!

These roles may exist in PR departments, Web, Digital or Social Media Teams according to the organisation.

Job description for Digital Integrated Copywriter

1. Role:

The variation on the job titles include: Digital Content Executive, Digital and Marketing Content Manager and Social Media content Manager.

Many of the Digital Marketing roles, in particular Ecommerce, Digital Marketing, Search and SEO are asking for copywriting skills.

  1. Junior roles within the team

The more junior roles are advertised as: Copywriter (Plus Specialism), Digital Copywriter, Corporate and Internal Communications Copywriter, Marketing Copywriter, Junior SEO Copywriter, Copywriter/Blogger, Mid-weight Copywriter, Senior Digital Copywriter and Social Media Content Executive.

  1. Location
  1. Industry sector
  1. Client/Agency side
  1. Summary/Scope of role
  1. Main Duties /Areas of responsibility
  2. Person Spec: Skills and Experience
  • Liaise with external Agencies and internal departments on digital marketing projects.
  • Plan and write digital content to support the social media and on-line strategy, for each relevant audience and marketing channel (email, apps, website, Facebook etc)
  • Chair meetings to coordinate the content management strategy.
  • Some roles include traditional PR content writing for Press-releases and newsletters.
  • Update online content via the content management systems (CMS) and email marketing platforms.
  • Report on digital marketing campaigns, to show conversion rates and analytics on key goal conversions.
  • Produce training and best practice guides to manage content and relevant systems.
  • Develop testing models to ensure content is appropriate for target audience and provides a positive customer experience, in line with the CTAs or business goals.
  • Optimise campaigns for SEO , using keyword tools and develop metrics to show ROI.
  • Ensure the content portrays brand values, and is engaging for website traffic.
  • Recommend creative content for online communities in addition to creative.
  • Use customer insight to monitor visitor engagement and change content in line with customer requirements.
  • Ensure website content and content for apps is relevant and up to date.

Management/Softer Skills

  • Excellent project management skills.
  • Creative with passion for content across all platforms, video, photography and digital media.
  • Price and accuracy in attention to detail – excellent proof-reader.
  • Not frightened to debate content – be customer’s voice!.
  • For an Agency role – confident in engaging with clients.
  • Pro-active to keep up to date with the company’s products, services and marketing campaigns.
  • Keep up to date with all branding processes and guidelines (may be responsible for creating these in some roles).
  • Willingness to share knowledge and expertise, and guide other colleagues.
  • Results focused.
  • Excellent project management skills.
  • Multi-task and stay calm!
  • Some roles ask for creativity!

Technical/Specific experience

  • Keep up to date with asset management and best practice.
  • Understand regulatory requirements which impact content management for the website and external communications. i.e. in financial services understanding of FSA, or Ecommerce legislation, Data Protection, etc.
  • Experience of YouTube videos and customer engagement content (some roles)
  • Experience in using CMS system and uploading data.
  • Experience in HTML coding (some roles)
  • Some experience in design packages i.e. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks
  • Ability to use analytics to help with content management.
  • Good knowledge of email, PPC, SEO, Social Media (for some roles).

9. Core Competencies

These tend to be required for public sector roles and private companies can interview candidates based on competencies. Some may include Leadership, Communication, Creativity, Project Management, Financial and Problem Solving,

10. Professional Qualifications and Associations

  • 1-2 years experience in managing digital content.

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Job description Sample

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