20 Small Business Ideas in Nigeria

Due to the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria, and most times failure to land desired job role for Nigeria graduates, some have ventured into business.

Below are the lits of Business ideas for young Nigeria and it requires little or no capital.

  1. Freelance Graphics Designer.
  2. Freelance website developer/Designer.
  3. Care Home for the Elderly.
  4. Home laundry pickup and delivery Consultant.
  5. Home Tutor/Lesson teacher.
  6. Small Chops Vendor/catering Consultant.
  7. Tour Guide/Trip Planner/Travel Consultant.
  8. Office Lunch Delivery.
  9. Photography/Videographer.
  10. Freelancer Writer/Resume Artists.
  11. House Cleaner.
  12. Event Planner (Kids Parties weddings Birthday)’
  13. Children Day Care Owner/Babysitter.
  14. Social Media Manager (Instagram/Twitter Marketing)
  15. Mobile Hair Barber
  16. Mobile Hair Beautician
  17. Small business Tax Preparation
  18. Admission Essay Consultant/Proofreader
  19. Makeup Artist
  20. Small Scale Farmer

Do you have have any Business idea not listed leave a comment would love to hear from you.