How do I apply for a job in Person?

How do I apply for a job I Person a frequently asked question by job applicants;

The following are steps in Applying in Person for a job;

  1. Bring a comprehensive CV click here to view requirement in creating a good CV, focusing on adding your competence in relations to the jobs applied for example if you are applying for the role of an accountant you must show you possess relevant skills in relation to the job.
  2. Brind a Cover letter: The cover letter is usually addressed to the recruiter or the human resources manager convincing him/her why you are suitable for the advertised role showing your relevant experience and skills.
  3. Bring Additional Documents: This additional document involves Educational certification for various Academic and professional training acquired over the years especially the qualification that directly relates to the role currently applied for.
  4. Dress Appropriately: This involves dressing neatly and smart for men and for a lady avoid exposing crucial parts of the body dressing neatly and smart too
  5. Be Polite: Be polite to the receptionist and to every individual, you come across within the organization because the right attitude signifies you are competent for the job.
  6. Be Brief: Avoid long story as long detailed story could expose certain thing about you that the recruiter might not like. so be brief reemphasizing why you are competent for the job role