Highest paying jobs in Nigeria Updated

Highest paying jobs in Nigeria Updated

A research conducted by the Salaryexplorer website pegged that the average monthly income of a Nigerian in 2020, is N205,000. While the lowest wages are around 28,000. Highest paying jobs also exceed a million Naira.

Due to Nigeria’s economy, not all jobs are high paying. The job itself will also determine the salary.

This article will give you a list of high paying jobs in Nigeria  

1.Petroleum Engineer.

The average salary of a petroleum Engineer is between N300,000 and N1,000,000, working for International and local companies. The main duties of a Petroleum Engineer is to; 

  • Design equipment for oil and gas production
  •  Develop plans for drilling fields,
  •  Meticulously analyze geological data


The average full-time Nigerian pastor makes between five and six million Naira yearly. Pastors are in charge of the runnings of their congregation. 

A full-time pastor should have;

  • A degree in theology or religious studies.
  • Advanced written and oratory skills to promote the church and convey the importance of faith, 
  • Critical thinking for interpreting scripture.

3.Computer Engineer.

 The digitalization of almost everything has put a very high demand on Computer Engineers. The average experienced computer Engineer can earn up to N10 million per year. They;

  • Analyse computer equipment and timely troubleshoot.
  •  Install and maintain software.
  • Cloud storage accounts safety.
  •  Develop software systems.

4.Telecommunications Engineer.

The Telecommunications industry is a very lucrative one especially since it is in high demand. Telecommunications Engineers earn a minimum of N150,000.


Becoming a pilot takes years of education and training. But after all of that, the aviation industry is one that is high paying with pilots earning as little as N500,000 to N1.5 million for flights.


Teaching and lecturing are very respected professions. They are also high paying especially to professionals and masters and ph.d degree holders, who earn up to N600,000 monthly.


The music industry is a very lucrative industry. Some musicians earn a minimum of N600,000 per show. The important thing is to be good at what you do.


Very few Higher Institutions in Nigeria offer Sailors training and degree, so the demand for Sailors is on the very high end. Salaries vary from N200,000 to over a million monthly. Depending on how qualified you are.

9.Investment banker.

Investment banking is another high paying sector. Investment bankers earn N500,000 monthly.

10.Data Analyst.

Data analysts interpret data to give it their values. They earn up to N350,000.

  • They extract and clean data.
  • They analyze data quality for future use.
  • Did identify and interpret the necessary information to make data.
  • Provide detailed reports to management.

11.Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineers are specialists. They work in different industries and they improve the quality and value of several products ranging from food to fuel. Some earn up to N12 million yearly.

  • They research and improve production processes.
  • Control and troubleshoot development processes.
  • They develop equipment.


Pharmacists are well sought after in Nigeria. They earn N150,000 to N600,000. There are available jobs both in the private and public sector.

  • They monitor drug therapy and report side effects.
  • Advise clients on taking prescribed medication.
  •  Prepare drug dosage per the doctor’s prescription.


Becoming a surgeon requires years of training and a license. It is also a risky trade or profession in that the lives of humans are in your hands, literally. Surgeons in Nigeria, earn a minimum of N200,000.

14.Aeronautical Engineer

Currently, no Nigeria higher institution offers Aeronautical Engineering training. However, the profession is still in high demand with Aeronautical Engineers earning N700,000.

Aeronautical Engineers;

  • Design aircrafts and their components
  • Test airplanes to identify and eliminate potential threats.
  •  They develop safe and standard quality equipment and machines.

15.Medical doctor.

Medical doctors are responsible for the health and lives of patients. They work in hospitals and are sometimes hired by organizations and companies.


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