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Job Vacancies 2019 at Kennedia Consulting

Our client, a reputable Asset Management firm, has the following roles to following job vacancies;

Kennedia Consulting Recruitment 2019 current job opening

1.   Role: Head Marketing and Corporate Communication.

Reporting line: MD/CEO

Direct Report: Marketing and Corporate
Communications Team

Location: Lagos Island

Pay: Negotiable

Job Summary:

Provide oversight on all activities aimed at
promoting the organization’s corporate image


  • Manage the organization’s interface with the media, other
    corporate entities and the public/society at large.

  • Ensure that internal and external communication activities are
    in line with corporate communications policies and procedures as well as
    national/ international media standards.

Strategic Tasks – Brand Strategy and

  • Development and execution of comprehensive Brand Strategy and
    marketing plan for group and subsidiaries; internal and external.

  • Champion
    the articulation of the brand strategy of the company and its
    subsidiaries, in-line with overall organizational objective.

Growth and Leadership

  • Work
    with Human Resources to ensure effective staff development, identifying
    leadership qualities and clear succession plans.

  • Demonstrate
    ownership of and communicate the department’s strategic direction and
    objectives to all staff.

Media and Stakeholder

  • Keep
    abreast of local and global best practices and make recommendations to
    Senior Management on how they impact the department’s role.

  • Build and maintain strong relationships with key internal and
    external stakeholders; regulators, shareholders, directors, etc.

  • Champion the articulation of tactics to continuously sustain/
    improve the organization’s brand and market positioning.

  • Serve as
    the custodian of the corporate brand image ensuring consistent projection
    of the company and its affiliates’ brand across all spheres of the

  • Oversee the development and production of high quality, cost
    effective and competitive branding activities for the company and its
    affiliate companies.

  • Facilitate and champion campaigns to
    exploit market opportunities that reflect and align with various brand
    and values.

  • Ensure all internal and external communications are consistent
    with the various company’s brand positioning.

  • Oversee
    the implementation of approved Corporate Social Responsibility and community
    development strategy and initiatives.

  • Champion the introduction of new
    products/ services to identified target market segment.

  • Develop and implement a marketing
    strategy for the group’s products/services.

  • Interpret data gathered and translate
    into profitable marketing strategies.

Growth and Leadership

  • Champion the institutionalization of the various brands across
    all spheres including organizational culture, work ethics, etc.

  • Plan and manage the human and material resources of the unit to
    optimize performance, morale and enhance productivity.

  • Provide
    leadership and guidance to team members and manage subordinates’
    performance towards the achievement of overall team objectives.

  • Oversee
    and coordinate the day to day activities of the department and ensure
    alignment with the overall goals and objectives of the department.

  • Review and authorize key expenditures/transactions of the
    department in line with approved authority limit.

  • Liaise with the sales team to develop promotional activities
    for new and existing products/services. Champion product performance
    assessment initiatives and recommend solutions for product
  • improvement.

  • Liaise
    with the sales teams and other relevant parties to determine customer
    needs and translate research activities into appropriate products/
    services for customers.

Media and Stakeholder

  • Coordinate and ensure development and implementation of
    effective media/public relations and crisis management systems and

  • Manage all aspects of the company’s nationwide and
    international media relations strategy, including handling of media
    queries, interviews and press conferences.

  • Manage
    the overall media relations program (pre and post crisis or not) for the
    company and serve as a first line interface between the company and key
    stakeholders in local and international print, electronic and social

  • Aggressively pursue positive media coverage for all entities
    and develop effective strategies to manage/mitigate negative coverage.

  • Supervise
    the planning, organizing and convening of corporate and social events
    (e.g. press conferences, media briefings etc.) for all entities.

  • Provide strategic advice to the business to ensure all
    operation and practices reflect positively on the company’s brand.

  • Coordinate
    the preparation and compilation of agreed periodic activity and
    performance reports for the attention of Senior Management.

Key performance indicators

Non –
Financial Target (Core)

of quarterly creative strategy and programs.

  • 10% growth of followers on social media channels monthly. Quality of
    social media chatter.
  • Relevance and accuracy of online information put out by the various
    entities. 5% monthly increase of client base

in Brand Visibility and reputation.

  • Quality of quarterly press release and other activities. Market
    response to products.

share growth.

  • Accuracy and timeliness of management information and reports.
  • Experience in communication and brand management.
  • Excellent communication and networking skills.
  • Good leadership and people management skills.
  • Good presentation and negotiation skills.

and planning skills.

  • Good understanding of product development and marketing.
  • Strong analytical skills and data driven thinking.

  • Experience
    in management of complex, multi-stakeholder projects and achieving goals
    on time and to budget.

  • Service and goal oriented.

  • Innovative and proactive personality.

  • Good problem, analysis and solving

  • Good understanding of key graphic
    editing applications


  • Degree in Communications, marketing, Public relations or related

Minimum Experience:

  • 8-10
    years’ relevant experience.
  • Professional
    Membership: NIPR and APCON

  • Compliance Officer Reports To DMD Location: Lagos Island Pay: Negotiable


Responsible for overseeing
and managing compliance for the Company and ensuring compliance with all
statutory and regulatory requirements as well as internal policies and
procedures by all units/employees.


  • Responsible for developing and
    implementing a compliance framework for the Company.

  • Liaise with all relevant stakeholders; internal and external
    (regulatory bodies, shareholders) to ensure compliance.

  • Identify prompt dispensation/compliance when policies and procedures
    deviate from minimum standard.

  • Monitor regulatory changes.

  • Ensure dissemination of regulatory
    updates and guidance.

  • Facilitate and ensure compliance with new regulation by the
    Business. Represent the Business on Industry/regulatory committees.

  • Ensure timely compliance with all
    regulatory requirements/reports and obligation.

  • Identify and analyze compliance risk, processes and control for
    all units/department. Conduct period review of compliance.

  • Develop and conduct compliance awareness/trainings to guide the
    business. Develop a code of conduct for the Group.

  • Ensure regular reporting to management
    on compliance issues.

  • Respond to compliance matters as the
    point of contact for the Business


  • Timely preparation of compliance framework for the company.
    100% adherence to regulatory compliance.

  • Timely dissemination of new regulation.

  • Ensure implementation of compliance risk, processes and control
    for the Group. Development of a code of conduct for the group.

  • Timely and accurate compliance reports

  • Number of compliance awareness initiatives and trainings.
    Ensure 100% compliance at all times.
  • Number of periodic compliance review and


  • Knowledge of regulations specific to
    the industry. Strong knowledge of global compliance regulation. Strong
    Risk Management Skills.

  • Ability to ensure compliance of all key activities. Strategic
    planning and execution.

  • Change management.

  • Communication & Presentation. Logical thinking/reasoning

  • Assertive and observant

  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office
    Suite & the Internet


  • First degree or its equivalent in a numerate discipline, MBA or
    Master’s degree in Finance or Accounting required.

Minimum Experience

  • 8 years relevant experience of which at least five (5) must have been
    at a strategic management level. Professional Membership
  • Chartered
    membership of relevant bodies- must be SEC registered.

  • Tax

Report line: Group Finance Controller

Location: Lagos Island

Pay: Negotiable


  • Responsible for accurate preparation and
    timely reporting of all tax returns.

  • Responsibilities:

  • Tax Management

  • Regulatory compliance of tax

  • Support with the development and
    implementation of the Group’s tax strategy.

  • Develop and implement strategic tax planning for all necessary
    federal and state taxes. Review tax returns and quarterly/yearly tax

  • Ensure the corporate tax liability of
    the Group is minimized within the ambit of the tax laws.

  • Understand
    the financial and operational implications of various tax laws and ensure
    the Group is in compliance with all relevant provisions implement
    effective tax planning strategies across the Group and ensure full
    compliance with relevant tax laws.

  • Ensure the prompt generation of the Company Income Tax (CIT)
    and other related returns ensuring accuracy, completion and minimal tax
    exposures to the Group.

  • Ensure accurate computation of all tax
    liabilities within the Group.

  • Liaise with the tax consultants to ensure that the Group’s
    overall interests are protected during tax investigations and FIRS

  • Ensure complete documentation of
    relevant supports and proof of tax remittance.

  • Monitor
    current and impending changes to tax regulation and make the appropriate
    updates to policies and strategies.

  • Monitor future legislation that impacts
    taxation and operations, including future risks.

  • Provide support in the identification, review and
    implementation of tax optimization opportunities for the Group.

  • Develop and maintain relationships with appropriate personnel
    in relevant tax authorities. Timely monitoring and research on relevant
    taxation trends, legislative changes and relevant
  • economic/fiscal changes in Nigeria.

  • Ensure 100% remittance of all tax and
    statutory obligations.



  • Timely and effective tax planning strategies resulting in 10%
    tax savings. 100% performance in external audit examinations.
  • Zero non-compliant cases raised by the
    regulatory bodies. Quality of tax advice provided to the group.

  • Accuracy and timeliness of tax information and reports.
    Internal customer satisfaction levels

Core Skills

  • Experience in the Nigerian tax matters, legislation and
    compliance issues including withholding tax practices.

  • Good knowledge of tax code, compliance and procedures for
    corporations. Transfer pricing knowledge.

Good Accounting knowledge, experience and
best practices.

  • Ability to work well independently and as well as ability to work
    well with stakeholders and communicate the benefits of tax initiatives.

Ability to anticipate, identify and resolve
complex issues.

  • Experience managing projects and good organizational skills.
    Demonstrate ability to manage multiple priorities.

  • Good communication skills and attention to detail. Good knowledge of
    the GAAP/IFRS


  • Minimum
    Qualification: First degree or its equivalent in a numerate discipline,
    MBA or Master’s degree in Finance or accounting preferred.

  • Minimum Experience: 4-5years tax

  • Professional Membership: ICAN or
    equivalent qualification is required

  • Finance

Reports To Head, Finance
and Financial Reporting Location: Lagos Island

Pay: Negotiable


  • Responsible for performing all the operational activities related to
    the financial management function of the group and its entities, including
    processing payments, posting of transactions and statutory remittances,
    providing timely and accurate financial information, preparing management
    accounts and management related reports.


  • Ensure effective revenue assurance by appropriate computation of
    interest and other charges including default and rollover.

  • Daily
    postings of transactions to appropriate books and softwares and update of
    repayment tracker.

  • Produce periodic financial reports, loan disbursed, expected VS
    actual, matured and maturing, currency purchase and sales report.

  • Effective
    filing of transaction documents and maintenance of records for effective audit

Ensure daily reconciliation of bank balances of all transactions

  • Ensure
    the Monthly remittance of PAYEE and pensions by no later than 5th of the
    following month. Collate relevant information for the generation of
    periodic statutory returns, e.g, tax, for regulatory
  • authorities.

  • Work with auditors and other parties where necessary.
    Preparation of payroll schedule


  • Timeliness and accuracy of management accounts and reports.
    Average time to process invoices on approved transactions.

  • Average time to approve payments. Accuracy in cash-flow

  • Average budget variances – Actual vs.

  • Variances
    in expense accounts- Actual vs. Plan. Performance in external audit


Core Skills

  • Knowledge of  the GAAP/IFRS

  • Knowledge of finance, accounting,
    budgeting, and cost control principles.

  • Ability to analyze financial data and prepare financial
    reports, statements, and projections. Communication & Presentation

  • Negotiation

  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office
    Suite & the Internet


  • First degree or its equivalent in a
    numerate discipline.

  • 1 year relevant experience in financial management/ accounting.
    Professional Membership

  • Membership of ICAN/ ACCA required and
    must be working towards obtaining charter

Method of Application

Interested and Qualified candidates should send their CVS to using the role as the subject of the mail.

Application Deadline: Feb 14, 2019

If you have any further questions you’d like to ask us or you need assistance as regards the application for the Job roles, then comment below now

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