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Recruiting Integration Engineer job at Phillips Outsourcing

Phillips Outsourcing is currently recruiting suitable and qualified candidates to fill the role of an Integration Engineer for its client.

Company Description.

Phillips Outsourcing is a recruitment company located in Nigeria which is also committed to the ideals of diligence, resourcefulness, and performance, client-driven and daily combine our strength to deliver goals. Our clients trust us to provide quality standards, consistent with prevailing legislation and standard practice. They rely on our down-to-earth, practical, and realistic quest for global recognition while we constantly re-engineer to ensure their satisfaction.

We develop extensive expertise across business areas to provide our clients with optimal resources utilization, increased productivity, and minimize risks and getting the right candidates at the stipulated time

Job Title: Integration Engineer

Job ID: IE45278728

Term: 6 months Contract for a specific telecoms project

Location: Lagos

Industry: Telecommunications (OEM)

Salary: 790k/month

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Application Closing Date: 30th of November 2019

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