List of 10 Office Etiquette rules that you should know

You would realize that an average Nigerian employee who works either 8-5 or 8-4 spend more time with his or her colleagues that they do at home. But it’s important to understand that at work you shouldn’t forget your manners and you should act like a professional all the time. I always advise people to be conscious about everything you do at work because your appraisal or whatever system of evaluation in your organization would be based on your actions and productivity at the workplace.

The most important thing about having a proper Etiquette is it makes you easily loved by everyone and respectful of everyone around you. Proper office etiquette is the basic office etiquette and manners which you should be aware of to act appropriately in the workplace and its environments to ensure adequate productivity achieving the organization set goals and objectives. This is important because adhering to these etiquettes would improve your behaviour at the workplace and would avoid any negative attention been drawn to you.

Here is LJINig. Top 10 office Etiquette rules you should know

  1. Receiving call in the office: When receiving phone calls in the office you should be as professional as possible, not raising your voice, considering everyone around you. If you intend to receive personal call keep it as short as possible especially if you’re in an open workspace. You can request to call back during your break or walk into an area conducive for personal calls or even outside. So as not to distract your colleagues as the use of a headphone can also be helpful.
  • Taking your Shoes off: I understand the ease it feels especially when you are at work with tight shoes, the urge to take it off, Don’t even if they don’t stink. As keeping your shoes on shows you are eager to get on with the days’ tasks accomplishing results.
  • Handling the office Microwaves: As a professional, you should be careful how you handle all companies properties even with little items like a microwave, don’t reheat smelly foods in the office microwave, even when your plate is oily while using the microwave please ensure you clean and put it in good order after use.
  • Don’t come to work sick: As a professional how you handle yourself while you are sick speaks a lot about you, because when you are ill, the best and most advisable option is to attend to health first, this indicates that as an individual you can set your priority right and understands that you are to be in good health in order to accomplish set task ad objectives of the organization.

I understand when there are deadlines to meet, especially when all responsibilities are on your shoulders, but it’s a perfect time to delegate and focus on health and recovery for the illness.

  • Personal Hygiene: Simple personal hygiene should be embedded even in the workplace such as don’t forget to shower daily, brush your teeth, wear nice clothes, good perfumes, not urinating on the toilet seats, and not putting it in good condition after use.

Always remember as a professional it’s your duty to make others comfortable as much as you can.

  • Manage your gadget: This is so important so you don’t distract your colleagues, always keep your computer, mobile phone mute, so that once you get a message notification it does not alert everyone around you.
  • Don’t flaunt your lack of productivity: There’s always something to do at the workplace, let this be your mentality, even when you seem unproductive not much task to be accomplished get yourself busy even with activities of others or review the ones you’ve done in the past that would help the organization achieve its set goals and objectives.
  • Don’t mess with thermostat: This is an important office etiquette as a professional you should be dressed daily to easily adapted to any temperature, for example for the male and female you should have your suits, cardigan around, prepared just in case its cold to keep you warm and when it’s not you can take it off, Don’t expect everyone else to adjust to the temperature that’s comfortable for you.
  • Handling office Space: you should handle office space like a professional, use it for the purpose which it was created, don’t use a conference room for long personal calls or a gym Centre for seat ups.
  • Do be kind: give compliments to a team member when they perform well, buy your colleague a meal, drink sometimes, make a positive working environment, which is the key to your own satisfaction at work.

Do you have any etiquette you would love us to learn do leave a comment below would love to learn from you too


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