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Managing Director Job Description

Managing Director Job Description, Duties, Functions, Role and Responsibilities

What is the job Description and duties of a Managing Director? What are the duties and responsibilities of a Managing Director?

Job Description, Duties, Functions, Roles and Responsibilities of a Managing Director

Job Title:              Managing Director

Reports to:         Board of Directors

Job Description:               

To ensure the efficient day-to-day management of the entire company yielding expected return on investment to all shareholders and other stakeholders.

Duties, Functions, Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Has the highest authority in the whole company to approve audited accounts, staff wages, company policies and other financial and process documents.
  2. Monitors and improves management styles, initiations, new potential product lines and agency agreements with foreign companies to develop the company system for future expansions/projects.
  3. Shall be responsible to take a final decision for the company on issues pertaining to product and process quality and continual improvement.
  4. Shall be a signatory to all company bank accounts.
  5. He will support and promote sales and customer service with clients and potential client at a high level whenever required by the Sales/Marketing Department.
  6. He will be responsible to lead in playing a major role to promote company goodwill.
  7. He coordinates all raw material/machinery importation matters in liaison with the Finance Director.

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