Nursing Career interview questions & Answers

Nursing Career interview questions & Answers

Having a Nursing career can be one of the best things for you. It also requires you to have certain skills such as patience, paying attention to detail, being a people person, amongst some other skills.

But before becoming one, there are the interviews you would have to go for. Here are some popularly asked Nursing interview questions.

Asides Nursing related questions, other questions asked at nursing interviews are usually traditional and behavioral interview questions.

  • The first questions to be asked obviously will be the usual Tell me about yourself. This question is basic interview material. It’s the interviewers way of getting to know you and what you do or have done in the past.
  • Being a job in which you will have to become a caregiver, you have to have good people skills. You will be asked questions relating to patient care and needs. You will also be asked about how you will fare on a team with other nurses or medical personnel, as well as your thoughts working alone and ability to self motivate. These questions are behavioural questions.
  •  It is good to do some research about where you will be working. It will come in handy.

1.Why have you chosen a career in nursing.

You will be asked why you chose Nursing as a career. And how you intend on dealing with certain situations in crisis. You can make your answer personal, but ensure not to exaggerate.

2.What do you find rewarding about this job?

There are several rewarding things about every job, you just have to find what answer best suits you that will also make them want to listen to what else you have to say. Do not make it all about you.

3.How you deal with someone who isn’t satisfied with your patient care?

This is a behavioral question. You have to give the interviewer an example of when you dealt with a similar situation and how you responded to it. It does not have to be the exact scenario like in a medical setting but something that makes them believe you will handle the situation well.

4.Tell me what you feel your greatest skill as a nurse is.

This is a chance for you to go under the spotlight. Highlight your relevant skill and discuss it as an asset. Give examples.

5.How do you handle the stress of the job?

Your interviewer does not want to know how you sleep twenty hours after a forty-eight hour shift, your interviewer is interested in knowing how well you work under pressure, that is if you do at all.

6.Are you comfortable working with other doctors and nurses.

You have to answer yes, because if you can not work with your colleagues in a peaceful environment, how then are you to be entrusted with the care of patients?

7.What do you find is the hardest part about being a nurse?

This question is a trick one. Do not get too familiar with your interviewer by telling them you do not like this person or the other, or you do not like morning or night shifts. Remember, it is not about you.

8.Why are you the best nursing candidate for this position?

This is about her opportunity for you to sell yourself. Let them know why you are perfect for the job. And why are not like their other applicants.

9.Tell me about yourself

This question is not about your life history. The interviewer is simply asking for your strengths and how they apply to the role you seek. You should also discuss your qualifications and your qualities.

10.Why are you leaving your current position?

This is an opportunity for you to tell your interviewer about your plans. Tell them you have decided to move further. Do not badmouth your former employer or organization. Only speak positive.

11.Why do you want to work here?

Never make it about the money, even if it is. Discuss your career goals and vision. Talk about you wanting to grow.

12.Would you say you’re a team player?

This question is important because as a nurse, you will never have to work alone. You are either working with other nurses or doctors or you are working with your patients. It is important that you have the team spirit.

13.Describe a time you had to deal with a difficult patient and how you handled that.

Being a nurse can sometimes be unbearable with tough patients. Every employer wants to know that you will not give up on your patient the minute they crack.

14.Why should we hire you?

This is another opportunity for you to sell yourself. Ensure that you make them understand why you are the best person for the job.

15.Do you have any questions for us?

Never make the mistake of shy away and saying you do not have questions. All the questions that have been running through your mind now are the perfect time to ask. Engaging with your interviewer makes them understand your personality. They know they can trust you to open up to your patients.


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