This is a Professional CV Writing Service in Nigeria by a Licensed Human Resources Professional who is part of La-Job team who has several years of experience in recruitment and understand what recruiters or hiring manager looks out for in your CV.

Due to the high volume of application sent for several job roles especially for job roles in Nigeria Your CV is your no. 1 marketing tool and can help you get an interview increasing your chances to get that desired job role.

Why get a professional CV.

  1. Suited career Objective: Organization is concerned to see if the career objective of the candidate they want to hire meet the organization’s goals and objective, both on the short and long term. Most especially if you have the mission and vision of the organization fussed into your career objective. The professional CV helps tailor your career objective to meet this goal.
  2. Duties and Responsibilities: This professional CV service help tailor your already existing duties and responsibilities previously carried out in various capacities to meet the right standards. For example “preparing a financial statement in the organization” would be rewritten as “I prepared the statutory required financial statement of the organization to show the financial position of the organization to help management make an informed decision”.
  3. Keyword: introduction of the right keywords into you CV would ensure that your CV gets the attention of the recruiter or hiring managers who make use of Application Tracking systems, presenting your skills to tailor fit the requirement of prospective employers.
  4. Career Accomplishments: Our Professional CV services introduce career accomplishments to your CV because the employer no longer wants to see the usual duties and the job role you’ve carried out in the past, they also what to understand what have you been able to accomplish while carrying out such job role. This would make your CV stand out before any employer.
  5. Strategic positioning: Professional CV services places various contents in your CV strategically making the prospective employer understand that you know what is required of you which carrying out the job role, while carefully stating your skills, educational qualifications and professional certifications.
  6. Skills and Competencies: Our CV services introduce over ten skills and competencies peculiarly to your profession, making your CV stand out before prospective employers to earn you an interview and an opportunity to get the job.
  7. Standard Font: There’s a standard font acceptable to recruiters or hiring manager our professional CV services introduces the standard font type and size to make your CV stand out.
  8. Our 24 Hours Support: we believe that CV should be reviewed based on each role you want to apply for, our CV review contains a plan that allows us to review your CV again based on any specific Job Role you currently want to apply for, getting the CV rebranded in 24 Hours to include the necessary details and displayed in the job description.

Our Professional CV Services does not automatically guaranty a job but rather it increases your chances of being invited for an interview thus increasing your chances of getting a job!

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