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Search Manager Job description sample

This Search Manager Job description sample can assist in your creating a job application that will attract job candidates who are qualified for the job. Feel free to revise this job description to meet your specific job duties and job requirements.

Job Title: Search Manager

Search Manager

The Search Manager is responsible for developing and implementing a search marketing strategy for the company, The role is focused on gaining quality visitors to desktop and mobile sites. Typically this role can include both Pay per click search marketing and SEO. Since we have a separate job description for PPC, this description focuses more on SEO. Success will be derived  by improving performance and ROI, for lead acquisition and perhaps conversion.

The focus of search could be search engine optimisation across the website, display advertising and paid search (Google AdWords, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn etc).  The search strategy may include linked strategies to drive traffic or raise brand awareness.

The Search Manager will heavily rely on interpreting customer insight, and using key tools to understand how to optimise channels, such as using keyword tools and competitor research.

Job description for Search Manager

1. Role:

The variation on the job titles includes some overlap with PPC roles i.e. PPC Search Manager, Search and Social Manager and Paid Search Manager. Deputy Search Manager, Head of Search (SEO), SEO Manager, Head of SEO, SEO Account Manager, SEO Account Director and Web and Social Media Manager.

  1. Junior roles within the team

The more junior roles Search Planner, Search Executive roles, Senior SEO Executive, SEO Consultant, SEO  Strategist. Social Media Developer and Social Media Analyst.

  1. Location

4. Industry sector

5. Client/Agency side

6. Summary/Scope of role

7. Main Duties /Areas of responsibility

  • Plan, manage and implement the search programme with in-house teams and external Agencies for customer search and conversion strategies.
  • Identify and plan a keyword strategy for appropriate campaigns.
  • Plan and roll out digital marketing plans, with defined goals using customer insight and analytics data.
  • Agency roles ask for link client audits and the ability to liaise with clients, prepare pitches and presentations.
  • Co-ordinate research programmes for market benchmarking and competitive analysis.
  • Responsible for SEO budget and defining measurement of ROI, along with KPIs and relevant metrics.
  • Track and analyse performance campaign data from digital campaigns, and use insight to improve PPC quality scores and digital marketing targets.
  • Manage a SEO team.
  • Responsible for improving the website to maximise SEO.
  • Responsible for creating link building campaigns.
  • Work closely with internal departments responsible for content management and other social media campaigns, to formulate an integrated marketing strategy.
  • Some roles require management and training of junior members.
  • Plan and Implement social media programs for engaging, nurturing, and growing fans and followers.
  • Leading the development and implementation of specific Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube campaigns. (some roles specify this and others are more general around Social Media platforms.

8. Person Spec: Skills and Experience

It varies across roles to the skills/experience which are set as desirable and essential.

Management/Softer Skills

  • Attention to detail
  • Present reports and findings to key stakeholders.
  • Comfortable with manipulating complex data sets.
  • Commitment to meeting deadline dates.
  • Strong client facing skills
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Passion for innovation and change!
  • Passion and keep up to date with best in class in digital marketing.

Technical/Specific experience

Technical SEO Experience governing site indexing via robots and crawlers, on-page and off-page optimisation SEO ranking factors.

  • Used third party tools (SEOmoz, MajesticSEO, Doubleclick Dart, Kenshoo, GA).
  • Experience of bid management software.
  • Manage an Adwords budget.
  • Experience of Adops or other form of 3rd party adserving system.
  • Experience of working with/in a digital/interactive agency and working on large budgets.
  • SEO Experience (some specific to agency) (PPC, GA).
  • Knowledge of search ranking factors.
  • Setup and improve PPC accounts (For some roles).
  • Some roles ask for technical knowledge of SEO in on page code, on page content and link building.
  • Technical and analytical skills in forecasting, analytics and reporting and ability to translate into actionable campaigns.
  • Understand different media channels and planning/buying of social media.
  • Excellent copywriting skills (for some roles).

9. Core  Competencies

These tend to be required for public sector roles and private companies can interview candidates based on competencies. Some may include Leadership, Communication, Creativity, Project Management, Financial and Problem Solving,

10. Professional Qualifications and Associations

  • 3-5 years experience in Search Manager role (PPC, SEO experience for senior roles)
  • 2-3 years experience for more junior roles in search activity or working on digital display media.
  • Google Adwords or Google Analytics Individual Qualification desirable.

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