Submit Resume Online for Jobs in Nigeria

Submit Resume Online for Jobs in Nigeria

La-Job Portal is the first online platform in Nigeria created for job seekers to post their resume or CV online to easily attract recruiters or hiring Managers.

we assure you of confidentiality of your resume and we would only share with qualified recruiters, we would request for ID cards to be sure, we are currently focused solely on using the email address and social media platforms as our means of contact rather than phone numbers for security reasons.

we assure candidates/users to completely fill out every detail that you have as it completely improved your chance of getting a job and makes your CV stand out and attractive to recruiters or hiring Managers.

What are the details required to complete Resume online?

  • Your Name.
  • Email Address.
  • Professional Title.
  • Location.
  • Photograph.
  • Video Description (optional).
  • Resume category
  • Resume Content
  • Resume Category
  • Skills & competence
  • Social Media URLs
  • Education
  • Experience(s)
  • Resume File (optional)

Your Name: This column represents your full name including your first name, last name and middle name. for example Kenneth Obi Sunday.

Your Email: This is the email address which would be your primary contact address by recruiters and hiring manager. please ensure you easily have access to the contact email address provided.

Professional Title: to submit your Resume you should select a professional title, for example, an IT professional specialised in web development your professional title would be “Web Developer”.

Location: This represents your location of residence for example ”Lagos” ”Nigeria” “London, UK”, “New York”, “Houston, TX”

Photo (Optional): This is a photograph with Maximum file size: 128 MB, that recruiters or hiring manager would see on your Resume.

Video (optional): This involves a link to a video about yourself, on any platform, youtube, LinkedIn or Facebook to make your resume stand out.

Resume Category: This category involves placing your resume in the resume category available to fill the available job roles below posted by recruiters or hiring managers;

  • Accounting Jobs
  • Administrative jobs
  • Auditing Jobs
  • Baker Jobs
  • Banking Jobs
  • Business Development jobs
  • Cabin Crew Jobs
  • cadets jobs
  • call centre Jobs
  • Cleaner Jobs
  • Content Writers jobs
  • Crane Operator Jobs
  • Customer Service Representative Jobs
  • Data Analyst Jobs
  • Detective Assistant Jobs
  • Digital Marketer Jobs
  • Driving Jobs
  • Engineering Jobs
  • Executive Assistant Jobs
  • Fabricator Jobs
  • Facility Jobs
  • Finance Jobs
  • Front Desk Jobs
  • HMO Jobs
  • HSE Officer Jobs
  • Human Resources Jobs
  • Information Technology Jobs
  • Investment Analyst Jobs
  • Laboratory Jobs
  • Legal Jobs
  • Loan Officer Jobs
  • Machine Supervisor Jobs
  • Mechanic Jobs
  • Medical jobs
  • Nursing Jobs
  • Office Assistant Jobs
  • Pharmacist Jobs
  • Production Jobs
  • project Manager Jobs
  • Quality Control Jobs
  • Reporter Jobs
  • Research Jobs
  • Risk Jobs
  • Sales Jobs
  • Security Operatives jobs
  • Supply Chain Jobs
  • Teaching Jobs
  • Warehouse officer Jobs

is the job role you’re looking out to fill with your resume not list?

contact us and we would have the list updated.

Resume Content: This involves introducing yourself via your career objective.

Skills & competencies (optional): This involves listing all your skills and competencies separated by Comma.

URL(S) (Optional): This involves including URL of your various social media platform that could introduce you more to the recruiting manager or recruiter.
+ Add URL Optionally provide links to any of your websites or social network profiles. the most important is LinkedIn URL for your profile, and Whatsapp URL it’s simple.

To create the WhatsApp chat link, you need a specific URL.

The URL starts with followed by your phone number in international format. Make sure that you don’t include any other characters in the phone number, only numeric/integer values. for example:

My Phone Number: 070 848 30164
My Country Code: +234

Education (optional): This involves listing all your educational qualification and certification in the order which it was received, from the most recent to the least attained.

Experience (optional): This involves listing all your experiences, full time, part-time, contract and even volunteering roles, in the order of the most recent to the least.

Resume File (Optional): Optionally upload your resume for employers to view. Max. file size: 128 MB.

Preview Resume: Preview Resume to confirm all the details update is correct.

Submit Resume: Click submit Resume to once the creation of the resume is complete.

All Resume posted on this job site is aimed getting it closer to recruiter and hiring manager so as a job applicant you’re easily noticed online.

is it good to post resume online?

Posting your resume on LJINIG job portal gives verified hiring managers and recruiters search access to your resume once you’re a qualified candidates, also we allow you upload your resume.

7 Sites to post your Resume online in Nigeria.

Here’s is other platforms to post a resume online in Nigeria and have recruiters and hiring managers contact you.

Platforms to review CV in Nigeria for job seekers.

Are you a recruiter seeking Resume to fill roles in your organization contacts us it’s free

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