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The Head of Ropes Production Job Description Sample

This Head of Ropes Production Job description sample can assist in your creating a job application that will attract job candidates who are qualified for the job and letting the desired candidate know what the requirement for the job role is.

Feel free to revise this job description to meet your specific job duties and job requirements.

Position:         Head of Ropes Production

Division:         Production

Reports:         Technical Manager

Head of Ropes Production Job Responsibilities

The Head of Ropes Production would be responsible coordinate the daily activities of Production Engineers, Production officers and Supervisors in Steel Wire Rope/ Fibre Sections in order to attain maximum productivity.

Head of Ropes Production Duties include:

  • Shall be responsible for daily supervision of the Production Engineers/Officers.
  • Shall liaise with the Technical Manager to ensure that received SOPs for rope making comply with all technical acceptable standards. 
  • Shall ensure job card planning complies with standard requirements and customer needs
  • Shall draft daily shop floor work schedule and submit to Technical Manager for approval.
  • Ensure daily production activities are properly organised and executed to achieve a targeted objective.
  • Shall routinely liaise with Maintenance Manager to plan and adopt an effective preventive maintenance schedule.
  • Ensure company Health, Safety and Environment HSE policies are enforced and implemented.
  • Ensure no vacuum is created when any of the Production Engineers is absent or on leave.
  • Ensure daily production reports are properly documented and submitted to the Technical Manager for comments and/or approval.
  • Shall be responsible for the Safety roles such as:
  • Propose safety Standards, Policies and Rules to the Management and also advice applicable strategies of enforcement.
  • Effectively implement safety programs.
  • Enforce PPE compliance
  • Identify, correct and report hazards as soon as possible.
  • Maintain all accident and near-miss records.
  • Inspect and locate all aspects of unsafe acts and unsafe conditions.
  • Convene safety committee meetings.
  • Maintain safety gadgets distribution records.
  • Any other assignment as directed by the superior.

Key Relationships of the Head of Ropes Production

  • Technical Manager
  • Production Engineers/ Officers SWR/SR.
  • QA/QC Dept.
  • Planning Section
  • Sales Dept.
  • Maintenance Dept.

Key Job Measures:

Responsible to coordinate the daily activities of Production Engineers, Production officers and Supervisors in Steel Wire Rope/ Fibre Sections in order to attain maximum productivity.

Required Skills of the Head of Ropes Production

  • Attention to detail.
  • Technical Skills
  • skills in tying knots
  • performing the rescue of a single individual
  • Skills in conducting safety checks
  • cross-hauling Skills
  • Problem-solving.
  • Ability to work autonomously.
  • Communication skills.

Salary of a Head of Ropes Production

This varies across various organizations but usually between $ 2000 – $7500 excluding other health insurance policy for the Staff, spouse and four children, Non-Accidental bonus and other benefits.

Educational Requirements

  • HND/Bachelor Degree in Engineering (B.Eng) or equivalent.
  • Not less than 5 years of working experience.
  • A member of relevant professional bodies
  • A Master’s Degree will be an added advantage.

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