Types of Careers in Nigeria

Types of Careers in Nigeria

Are you In Nigeria considering a career change, there are numerous Careers to Choose From depending on the one Which Is Right for You?

In recent years this is One of the most fascinating questions that at some point we all must ask ourselves is which kind of career is appropriate for me in Nigeria? For a fortunate few the answer to this question was decided very early in life, when they were exposed to exactly “what they needed to be when they grow up”.

In cases of most individuals, the cycle of career selection started during secondary school years, when we began to find our interest or passions, met with guidance and counsellors, were exposed to career prospects and possibilities, attained a first job, or had to decide on the courses to study in the university.

In most cases, career selection doesn’t end after obtaining a university degree. More regularly, this is the most intense stage of the career selection process as a recent graduate starting to enter the workforce and explore different career openings and opportunities In Nigeria.

Step by Step about Your Career Choice

Certainly, the understanding of picking a career can be assessed across a multitude of dimensions and the answers can be just as plentiful. Moreover, each career field has its own unique set of instructions, education, experience, abilities and skills, and personality characteristic requirements. Career selection in Nigeria should be a thoughtful process because many career fields require very huge initial investments of money, time, and training.

Exploring various Types of Careers

What are the essential stages to know which career field you’re more competent to excel in without exposure to the amount of possible career choices available? To help you answer this question, we’ve created detailed profiles for various vocational options to help you obtain a better understanding of key characteristics of major careers.

For each profession, you’ll find a brief description of the job roles and responsibilities of the various career being examined. As you progress through your research, check out some of the current jobs available within the career option to get a better idea of what types of candidates are desirable to employers.

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IT | Retail & Hospitality

Accounting Careers

Administration Careers

Auditing Careers

Baker Careers

Banking Careers

Business Development Careers

Cabin Crew career

Call centre careers

Cleaner careers

Content writer careers

Customer service careers

Data Analyst careers

Digital Marketer Careers

Driving Careers

Engineering Careers

Finance Careers

Front Desk Careers

Government Careers

Graphic Designers Careers

Human Resources Careers

Legal Careers

Healthcare Careers

Oil and gas Careers

Procurement Careers

Project management Careers

Sales Careers

Teaching Careers


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