What Not to Include When You’re Writing a CV

Once you have created the best CV in Nigeria using these free templates when applying for jobs in Nigeria. One of the most important factors you should note is what not to include in a CV which your prospective employer would not want to see and might reduce the likelihood of been invited for an interview.

Due to the high volume of CV received by recruiters especially in Nigeria, they skim through CVs making it important to remove irrelevant information so they can easily see your qualification, skills, accomplishment and other specific information which would increase your chances of been invited for an interview.

Here is a list of items that should not be on your CV

  1. Nationality: This is one column or word to remove from your CV; this is usually in a Biodata not a CV, the differences between CV, Resume and Biodata would help improve how your CV should be written. In most cases, the Recruiter is not interested in the country you are from but rather seeking an individual with the right Qualification, skills, experience and accomplishments to fit into the vacant job role.
  2. Other Personal Data beyond your contact information: Do not include any personal data beyond your personal email, address, LinkedIn URL and phone number. Information such as state of origin, local government area, religion, marital status, gender or sex, Date of Birth (Age) should be removed from your CV. Except when applying for a state or federal government jobs or when the company or organization specifically request these information.
  3. Referees: Do not include the Name, Address, occupation, contact phone number and email address of your referees; take them out completely, because if you’re going to get the job and they want references they’ll ask anyway.
  4. Passport Photograph: You do not need to include passport photograph in your CV especially when applying for jobs in Nigeria, only when specifically instructed by the Recruiter or cases when you are applying for a modelling or acting job role where appearance would be a major factor that would influence hiring decisions.
  5. Irrelevant Work Experience:  When applying for a job remove all work experience that is not relevant to the job role you are currently applying for, unless this would leave a major gap in your CV, then you could state the duties In such role to make it seem relevant to the current role you are applying for. For example, re-writing cleaner duties to be relevant to an office assistant application you could state “I assisted various departments in ensuring all document are neatly kept in the appropriate cabinets”

Once you have excluded these factors stated above another factor to take note of is;

How to save Your CV?

Do you Label your CV file “CV” when you save the file either in PDF or Doc format, which is the most common format, use your name so the Recruiter will know whose resume it is at a glance for example “Kenneth Obunadike’s CV”.

Am sure these tips would help you when applying for jobs in Nigeria, do you have any question state them in the section below would love to hear from you


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