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What to consider before applying for jobs abroad online

Sequel to our previous post on applying for a job in Nigeria, One of our users asked? What if am not seeking for a job in Nigeria, not to worry this post is for you. This post deals with what you need to consider before you start applying for jobs in other countries online, having to polish your skills to get a high-level job.

There are many things you need to consider before apply jobs in other countries, not Nigeria;

  1. Language Proficiency: This is a very important factor to consider before you start applying for jobs in other countries, for example, if you are proficient in the English language and you have not secured your desired job or you are having a tough time finding the right job, a good option I would suggest to consider in order for you to gain an edge over the other candidates would be to learn another language like French and appear for the TEF French proficiency examination.

This is important because it would make your profile stronger and make you the desired candidates for much more positions in order words eligible for a large number of positions than before across but English and French-speaking countries of the world

  1. Making an Effort: This cannot be overemphasized while seeking a new job, there is no point sitting down and hoping to get a job. You always have to actively keep looking for an available job role in your desired industry. Never hesitate to start small in the beginning but keep the vision big and gain some experience. Once in a job, you can always switch to better job offers or might even get promoted up the ladder in the same job.
  2. Have a Job Seeking Search Strategy: having a job seeking strategy is important as a job seeker, not just sending your resume by email or post to numerous companies at once will not get the issue resolved for you.

When you come across a vacancy, you must first research about the company, ask questions like why do you think this company wants to fill this role, what kind of applicants are the organization looking out for, what skills and competencies should they possess and then develop a plan to apply for the available positions.

Create a professional CV or Cover letter or hire a professional to improve professionalism in preparing these documents. These will increase your chances of being noticed by the recruiter and hence be awarded to get the opportunity to be an interview for the job role and then the job offer.

  1. Skills & Competence: Before applying for a job outside the country, you must focus on your own skill, competencies and seek to increase the proficiency. Learn some skills that are in demand, practice and pickup unique techniques that are relevant to job roles you seeking to fill and gain some on hands work experience before dreaming of a flourishing career in outside the country.

If you bring nothing new, innovative to the table, you are most unlikely to be hired to fill the job role.

  1. Keep Networking: Once you are in Nigeria or any other country, the best option is to connect with people in the same industry or in the location which you are currently seeking employment opportunities and grow your own personal network.

In most cases, the job vacancies are to be filled by referral network from within the organization, before it’s posted for the public. Having a professional network of people in the same industry will benefit you and make your job search easier.

  1. Plan to Work legally: Never assume that you can visit a country outside Nigeria on a travel visa and get a job. Even if you so the risk is high always take the legal route and apply for a work permit before looking for a job in other countries.

The ethical route may take much more time but keeps you in a secure position especially if you are planning on relocating with your family. For example, Recruiters are themselves in some countries such as Canada are punishable for hiring candidates who do not possess the Canadian work permit, therefore it may be useless for you to look for a job in a country like Canada while you still possess a visitor visa.

  1. Upgrading your Skills: If even after all your efforts, you still haven’t secured a high paying job in the country of your choice, it is time you think about upgrading your skillset to meet the standards of the location you’re seeking to get job opportunity, also find out about the current market trends and the demands of the employers in such location, invest your time and energy in picking up new skills before applying for a job.

Once you started acquiring such skill seek to utilize it in the current environment you find yourself as it makes your resume appealing to prospective employers

The above points will set you right in your job search journey if you’re seeking for jobs outside Nigeria, Besides these, you must also try to understand the work culture of the location you’re seeking to relocate to and adjust yourself accordingly.

Never be in a hurry, be patient, be strong and never give up!

So, Guys, this is the all about you can comment below or you can contact us so I can give the personalize suggestion directly to you. Would love to hear from you!


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