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Writing a Resume objective

It is common knowledge that to get a job, you need to have experience. But in order to gain experience, you also need to get a job.

In this article, I will be showing you how to get a job without experience but making it look like you have experience. But without lying of course.


What is a Resume objective?

A Resume objective is the second category in your Resume. It comes immediately after your Personal information.

A Resume objective is a short paragraph that discusses your career goals and skills. The useful skills that you have gained are to be mentioned here. Mention only skills that can be applicable to the position you seek. A well written Resume objective will tell your employer you are just the perfect candidate for the job.

When to use a Resume Objective.

A Resume objective should be used by candidates with little to no job experience. Such as undergraduates and fresh graduates and people changing careers.

Is important that you do not make your Resume objective solely about your objective which is to get a job.

In your Resume objective, Talk about your skills, previous experiences and talents and how you have earned them, while talking about what you can offer to the company also. Not just what they can offer you.

  • You can write your resumes first so that you can pick your best skills and use them in your resume objective.
  • Discuss your career goals in short sentences.
  • Remember to mention the position you are applying for and the company name.
  • Avoid using the same resume objective for different resumes and jobs. It does not speak well of you.
  • Make sure you add your traits and skills.

For example; 

A hardworking and motivated employee able to apply time management and organizational skills in various environments. Seeking to join Acme Corp as an administrative assistant to help ensure good internal communications and budget management. 

For Fresh graduates or candidates with little or no work experience;

  • A strong trait.
  • How can your education help you?
  • Name of position.
  • State how you will add value to the company.

A hardworking Mass communications graduate with a 4.0 cgpa, looking to fill a position as a news writer at Elegance tv. Using my wordpress and SEO knowledge, I hope to make the company’s blog one of the most viewed.

For college Students and undergraduates;

  • Your education should come first.
  • Your most important skill.
  • State what organization you are applying to and how you think you can add value.

 A final year English Language student at University of Ann looking to join Zimba news research team as a part time Entertainment writer. I am hoping to use my knowledge in Essay and copywriting gained as a writer for my Faculty’s weekly news, to write compelling content that will attract more newspaper buyers and clicks on the website.

For High school Students;

Applying for your first job, no need to worry about what to add in your resume objective. Focus on certain skills that you think will make you a good employee. If you have had responsibilities as a student, you can add them here and what your duty was in that role. You can also add part-time work experiences.

  • Strong trait.
  • The name of the position you’re targeting.
  • Added value for the company.

A dedicated member and President of the Junior Achievers of Nigeria(JAN), in my school

I have leadership experience and excellent communication skills. I am looking for an opportunity as a customer service representative in tiwalade hair that will allow me to use my good people skills.

For Career Changers;

  • Start with a strong trait.
  • Use your current job title.
  • Describe your experience and skills.
  • Use the name of the company and the position you’re targeting.
  • Show how your skills will translate to add value.


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