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7 most common jobs In Nigeria

The unemployment plaguing Nigeria, which is one of the major reasons for creating the La-Job portal, fresh graduates and those seeking employment in Nigeria have asked, “What are the job opportunities available in this country?”

A publication by the Guardian in 2016 revealed that most of these jobs are undertaken because those seeking employment didn’t get their desired jobs.

Below is a list that contains most of the common jobs In Nigeria

  • Factory Work:- This is the term used to describe factory workers’ job a common job role easily available in Nigeria because it requires energy and it’s an unskilled Job role as it requires little or no educational qualification

Most of the Factory workers in Nigeria whose employers don’t give employees a good contract, and their welfare is not properly taken care of. Most of the Factory works are usually in Manufacturing Industries and other industrial settings, helping to produce raw materials products and can easily be located in Industrial Estates in Nigeria.

  • Driving Jobs: -There has been a rapid increase in driving jobs due to an increase in transportation companies away from the traditional companies such as GIGM, CHISCO and has evolved to companies such as Bolt, Uber, ORide, Gookada etc… that require services of a large pool of drivers in the organizations, making driving a common job to come across in Nigeria.
  •  Teaching Jobs: This job role is predominantly available In Nigeria, especially across private schools, as most of them seek cheap labourers to make a profit in such schools as they are readily willing to offer graduates between the range of ₦10,000 – ₦50,000 or more for their services, or using NYSC members as their staff all year round making teaching jobs readily available
  • Marketing Jobs: According to the Guardian, over 20 million Small and Medium-scale Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria recorded about 27 per cent international trade between March and May 2017; thus, most of them sought the services of a marketer, without being willing to give them proper employment contracts place them on commission, I most cases not providing adequate work tools to get the job done.

So most potential employees In Nigeria due to the urge of not being idle pick up these jobs in order to meet basic needs in the location where they find themselves, thus making marketing job a common job to find in Nigeria.

  • Medical Practitioner jobs: Due to the increase in population in Nigeria which according to the United Nations projections have placed the population as 186 million, this making readily available medical practitioner role for Doctors, Registered nurses, although most readily available job role is not willing to reasonable enumeration, which has also lead to the migration of these professionals to other countries such as Canada etc.
  • Information Communication Technology (ICT) Jobs: Due to the evolution of technology especially in Africa, Nigeria increase in relevant of computer Professional in Nigeria. In job roles that involve End Users, Developers, Computer Engineers, Software Designer, Server Administrator, web developer etc. has increased making ICT job roles readily available in Nigeria
  • Farming: – This is a predominantly available job role, especially in the rural areas of Nigeria, due to the easy access to Farmlands as those involved in white-collar jobs, especially In government parastatals, also practice farming to provide food for their families, and also that unemployed part of the population.

This is by no means an article to make the above-stated job role irrelevant if you love it go ahead and pursue a career in your desired job role.

Do you have any job role you think its readily available in Nigeria leave a comment would love to hear from you?


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