10 Salary negotiation tips for Job Applicants

Salary negotiation tips for candidates with some years of experience in their field.

1. Do your research – know what the average pay is for that role and at that organization and negotiate accordingly.

2. Be clear about the DIFFERENTIATING factors you bring to the table – and remind them about those factors during the negotiation process.

3. Do NOT disclose your past or current pay. I prep the candidates I coach with clever ways they can successfully bypass this unethical request.

4. As far as possible, let them make the first offer.

5. But, never (EVER) accept the first offer – you should do at least two rounds of negotiating.

6. Think beyond money – negotiate perks as well as salary. There are other things the organization can offer if they really are unable to increase the salary budget.

7. Get everything in writing. Do NOT accept informal “promises”.

8. Define your walk-away point – or “last price” as we market goers call it 🙂

9. Practice – practice your salary negotiation skills with someone who has recruitment expertise.

10. Be bold – I see too many candidates who are unduly afraid of losing the offer.

You are at this stage because THEY need you!