4 Reasons why the company should Hire You

Reasons, why a company should hire you, are frequently asked question during Job Interviews.

You can approach the question as follows;

  1. Tell them about the professional experience you possess which matches the position they are hiring for and how you will bring the experience on board in the role. Make sure you highlight the valuable experiences you have had and your achievements that relate to the role you are being interviewed for.
  2. Mention the skills you possess that the company requires for the position and how you are willing to use those skills if hired by the company.
  3. How you fit into the work environment. Most times, recruiters tend to hire people that they believe will easily fit into the company’s work culture and environment.

You can mention team building, interpersonal relationship skills etc that you possess. This is easier where the recruiter already mentioned the soft skills required for the role while placing the job advert.

  1. Your academic and professional certifications. If you have very good related academic degree, and professional certifications, mention that your strong academic background and professional certification matches their requirement and as such, you believe you have a good theoretical knowledge combined with your practical experience.