5 Mistakes Every Job Applicant should not make

Below are the  mistake every Job Applicant should not make


  1. Typographical/Grammatical errors (unpardonable). This is a turn off for most employers.
  2. House address outside the city the role is situated: Most employers trash your CV once they see that your address is far from the office. While this may not be so professional, it happens a lot because they believe your productivity may be affected by the time you spend commuting to work daily.

You may delete house address entirely from your CV to stay safe.

  1. Including skills you cannot defend on your CV: If you have skills you cannot use on your CV, it makes you look stupid and untrustworthy. Take such skills out of your CV.
  2. When you don’t update your CV to reflect recent experience. Many people forget to update their CV with their most recent work experience and this gives some employers an impression that you do not take your job search seriously.
  3. Using the same CV for different roles you apply for. You may need some tweaking to fit the particular role you are applying for. Please ensure that some keywords in the job advertisement are included on your CV provided you have a working knowledge of those job descriptions.

This makes the CV to be shortlisted in instances where the employer uses automatic tracking system software to shortlist.

Best of Luck in Your Job Search