7 job search tool on Linkedin

Below are the steps to use the job search too

1 – Sign up for Job Alert on Linkedin.

Please Enter your industry Key Words and you would receive regular job offers

2 – Try Premium to see jobs where you would be a top applicant.

With a well-updated profile, it’s easy to apply.

3 – Commitment to the process.

Put in work in searching for an available job.

4 – Start sending your CVs on Recruiters inbox.

 There’s nothing a recruiter can do where there are no vacancies.

5 – Spend time engaging your favourite recruiter’s posts and leave brilliant comments.

Apparently, 80% will respond with gratitude, and you can build rapport from there.

6 – Utilize all advice given by experts on this thread and every other post.

Groom yourself with the knowledge shared.

7 – Invest in your job search.

You have a budget for your phone, makeup, clothes, hair, shoe, lips, etc. But, do you know it’s the job that pays the bills. Why not have a budget for your job search. Consult an expert to help with your grooming and CV review – the best investment you can make to enhance your job acquisition.