7 Questions to Ask a Recruiter

Recruiters often ask after an interview do you have any question, this is because they do not automatically provide you with all the details about the vacancy. this is an opportunity to let the recruiter know that you are proactive and ask the right questions, especially if you do not want your time wasted.

This is the list of question to ask a recruiter;

  1. How Quickly do they want to fill the role?
  2. How long has the vacancy been open?
  3. is it a new position or are they replacing someone? if its a replacement, how long was the previous person in the role?
  4. What are the recruitment steps and how long do they anticipate the steps to take?
  5. What does the ideal candidate look like (this is if you have not received a detailed job description for the role)?
  6. What is the structure of the department (this gives you an idea of how your career may progress or where the role sits in the hierarchy).
  7. is there anything in particular about your experience/cv that stood out for them (gives you an idea of your competitive advantage).

Are there any other question you’ve asked recruiter not included please state them in the section below would love to hear from you