Why do we advise that you use the Job Title as the subject of the mail?

Sometimes, talent acquisition managers have multiple roles to fill within a short period of time. So when adverts go out, a lot of people apply. We always like to sort and filter especially when using Gmail or outlook.

This way, we advance search for what is relevant. When we search by subject, for instance, it filters the required words based on the search keywords, other applications that aren’t in line with the keywords would not appear in the search results.

So the recruiter wouldn’t see your CV let alone calling you for a chat (even though you’re a fit). This happens to most people, then they complain of the system and how terrible recruiters are. Sometimes, it is not the recruiter’s fault, it was you who didn’t apply correctly.

Also, while applying, structure your CV well. Don’t use multiple fonts or style formatting. Be precise and neat in your approach, it helps during the selection process. I hope this helps someone.