How to Include your NYSC Experience in Your Resume

Below are the following suggestions on how to include your NYSC Experience in your cv;

-Please write your NYSC experience, any Internship under “Work Experience Section” not under “Education Section” on your resume if you are using it for a job or CV if you’re using it to apply to grad school.

At least 2-4 responsibilities should be listed under with the use of an action word in the past tense (if you have already completed your NYSC experience).

E.g Mathematics Teacher (Bold letters)

Caleb High School, Lagos Nigeria 2013-2014

-Managed up to 20 students at a time to ensure appropriate behavior

-Motivated students to maximize academic performance

-Successfully increased pass rates on standardize testing to 70% for Juniors and 90% for Seniors

-Collaborated with colleagues by participating in team meetings, sharing ideas, contributing to team goals, and documenting progress toward reaching those goals

-Filed reports and appropriate paper work on students, which included assessing student progress

Always remember the rule NUMBERS GAME.

Use of numbers & percentage to highlight your key achievements in any previous or current job when writing your resume or na CV.

Quantifying your accomplishments tends to draw more attention from the recruiter. Use numbers effectively.

Always quantify TIME, MONEY, AMOUNT, etc using action words when writing your resume.

– Created process that bolstered production 25 percent

-Wrote 5 articles in a four-week period under daily and weekly deadlines

-Managed the company’s budget of more than $40,000