What to say When you Walk in to Apply for a job?

What to say When you Walk in to Apply for a job is one of the questions usually asked by job seekers which are the following;

  1. Introduce yourself: introducing yourself involves talking about your educational qualifications skills and experience, and what you bring to the organization as an added value when employed. Then you can request to submit your CV and cover letter for the job role, or where to go fill out the job application.
  2. Request for how to apply: Method of Application vary from company to company the job applicant should request for how to apply if the job has been advertised or you are aware the employer regularly provides applications to employees.
  3. Explanation: The employer might require further explanation on how you knew about the company, or how you knew about the available job role, or why you want to apply for the job.
  4. Consideration: The consideration is now left to the employer based on various information you provided and the job description for the job role. if you as a candidates fits the requirement.