Why Social Recruiting is Important to Job Seekers

Today, 84% of companies are recruiting through social media.

A candidate’s social page can reveal so much about the candidate beyond what they present on their CV or at the interview.

While some Recruiters use Social Media for recruitment; they advertise, source, assess and recruit candidates on the different social media platforms, Others use it for background checks or personality assessment.

Recruiters view candidate’s social profile to assess their level of Social awareness, Values, Interests, communication skills etc

On LinkedIn, Recruiters view candidates’ profiles to learn more about their professional experience. (If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, create one immediately on (www.linkedin.com)

If you have a LinkedIn profile, review it and keep it updated and rich. Request recommendations from colleagues and professionals who have worked with you; connect with other professionals to grow your network. The more your network on LinkedIn, the more visible you can be to Recruiters. I currently have over 30,000 direct connection on my LinkedIn network with an ‘All-Star’ profile. Set a goal to grow your network daily. Consciously add HR professionals and Consultants to your profile. I got my last job on LinkedIn and have received several opportunities through LinkedIn.

On Twitter, Recruiters learn about the interests and values of their prospective Recruits, HR professionals check candidates Twitter accounts to know what the candidates’ value. it helps them identify if the candidate has the right culture fit for their organisation.

On Facebook, Recruiters check candidates profile to get a glimpse into how candidates present themselves to strangers, friends and family.

On Pinterest and Instagram, Recruiters want to see where the candidates spend their free time or what they might be passionate about.

Now that you know, ensure your social media profile does not cost you a good job opportunity.