How to Write a Cover Letter for the Job Application

In the process of writing a job application Cover Letter, it’s important to keep it brief and precise, while making sure it emphasizes the relevancies of your skills and suitability for the job. It can be disintegrated into the following sections:


  • First Paragraph: The opening statement should set out why you’re writing the letter. Begin by stating the position you’re applying for, where you saw it advertised and when you are available to resume the position.

  • Second Paragraph: Explain briefly why you are suitable for the position, what attracted you to this type of work, why you’re interested in working for the company and what you can offer the organisation.

  • Third Paragraph: Highlight relevant experience and demonstrate how your skills correspond to the specific requirements of the job description. Summarise any additional strengths and explain how these could benefit the company.

  • Last Paragraph: Use the closing paragraph to round up your letter. Reiterate your interest in the role and indicate your desire for a personal interview. Now is the time to mention any unavailable dates. Finish by thanking the employer and say how you are looking forward to receiving a response.

Best of luck in your job search