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The Fitter Machinist Job Description Sample

This Fitter Machinist sample job description can help you craft a job application that will draw in eligible applicants and inform the ideal candidate of the requirements for the position.

Please modify this job description to suit your unique work responsibilities and needs.

Position: Fitter Machinist

Division: Maintenance

Reports: Foreman Maintenance

Fitter Machinist Job Responsibilities

Making and machining all required machine parts would fall within the purview of the Fitter Machinist.

Fitter Machinist Duties include:

  • To manufacture or replicate machine replacement components.
  • Help the fitter mechanics with machine maintenance and repairs.
  • To guarantee that every component of the machine is in proper operating order.
  • To guarantee that the workshop is always kept clean.
  • Shall be aware of and adhere to business H.S.E. requirements.
  • Any other duty related to maintenance tasks of machines in the organization.

Key Relationships of a Fitter Machinist

  • Maintenance Foreman
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Production Engineers
  • Factory Operative
  • Maintenance Staff

Key Job Measures:

The Fitter Machinist is responsible for ensuring that the machine and all required parts are in proper operating order.

Required Skills of a Fitter Machinist

  • Apt attention to detail.
  • Excellent Mathematical skills.
  • Proficiency with CAD/CAM software and the ability to program, set up, and run C.N.C. mills and lathes to manufacture parts.
  • Excellent Job planning and bench layout skills.
  • Manual grinding, drilling, and milling.
  • Equipment testing.
  • Technical Skills
  • Excellent Problem-solving.
  • Ability to work autonomously.
  • Excellent Communication skills.

Salary of a Fitter Machinist

This varies according to the organization, but it often ranges from $200 to $700, not including non-accidental bonuses, furniture allowances, other benefits, and additional health insurance for the staff, spouse, and four children.

Educational Requirements

The ideal candidate should have a W.A.S.S.C.E., Tech. Advance N.A.B.T.E.B., Fed. Min. of Labour Trade Test Stage II &I.

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